Yoga is an extremely complete exercise that will help realign your heart, body, and soul, which according to Laird Hamilton is the key to a great performance in action sports. It is the perfect complementary activity of surfing. Give it a try!
Location: Daily yoga sessions are done at Buddha Siargao and Green House, but you can also join sessions in The Yoga Dojo at the Lotus Shores. For the latest schedules, check their Instagram pages. Our staff at reception will be happy to book you at your preferred yoga class in Siargao.

Duration: Group yoga sessions at these shalas usually last 1-1.5 hours.

Recommendations: There are different kinds of yoga sessions (strength, stretch, breathing, etc.) and any level, from newbies to experienced, are welcome in most of the classes. Styles offered are Hatha and Vinyasa for toning and strength-building, Yin for relaxation and opening as well as different forms of meditation. Community events are also offered at Lotus Shores and Buddha, they are a wonderful way to meet like-minded yogis and yoginis on the island.
Little Shell Yoga

Private classes are also available through Kaye, who specializes in Yin Yoga. 

'Post-Surf Yin Yoga - stretch and recover from intense surf or kite sessions through a one hour class focused on connective tissue recovery, breathing and relaxation'

You can also checkout her website


If Vinyasa is more your thing, Charlotte offers private active yoga flows helping you to connect body, mind and soul. Creating a sweet balance of stretching and strength building with a focus on grounding and feeling.

Book your private yoga session in Siargao at Bravo's reception desk.

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