Cev is the first and only Kinilaw & Ceviche bar in the Philippines. It was conceptualized and created by Chef David del Rosario, as a way to promote Kinilaw (the Filipino version of Ceviche), and have tourists from around the world try and appreciate this amazing dish. Cev prides itself on being unique, different and inherently creative. Through our food, we aim to showcase Siargao's freshest catch, and present it in a way that is extremely pleasing to both the taste buds and the eyes.

Through our concept, we hope to increase the level of appreciation for Kinilaw, and have it recognized on a global stage, much like Adobo. In our opinion, there is no better dish that represents the 7,100 islands of the Philippines, than Kinilaw. And what better place to promote it than Siargao, one of the most popular islands in the country.

Store Hours: 12:00 NN - 7:00 PM

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