Precautionary Measures to COVID-19

In compliance with the tightened measures and precautions released by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Local Government Unit (LGU), Bravo beach Resort remains committed to the well-being of all the guests and employees, and to help the island virus-free. Last June 30, 2020, DOT issued a Certificate of Authority to Operate to Bravo Beach Resort for complying with government-imposed health protocols. Staying up to date with the latest government measures, we have implemented new health practices and modern standards on hygienic safety. Bravo Beach Resort encourages all employees to be aware of and understand the importance of proper hygiene.
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Precautionary Measures for Guests at the Resort
  • All guests checking in ask whether they have traveled internationally or domestic for the last 20 days, including layovers and transits. Information, including past travel records, is keyed in the property management system for record-keeping.
  • Upon arriving at the resort, all visitors, checked-in, and dine-in guests are required to stop at the guard's station where body temperature is scanned, and hands are well-sanitized.
  • Room keys are sanitized and sealed upon check-in of the guests.
  • All staff and guests are encouraged to apply alcohol-based disinfectants frequently installed at the restaurant and in all public areas of the resort.
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  • Housekeeping improved its cleaning protocols in the rooms, requiring all surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants. Rooms are cleaned one by one after guests depart and before the next guest arrives.
  • Bravo Beach Resort has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces, such as front desks, credit card terminals, door handles, room keys, and public comfort rooms.
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Implemented Restaurant Hygiene Safety
  • Food and beverage are locally sourced and non come from high-risk areas or countries.
  • Contactless payments such as credit card transactions, PayMaya, and GCash are also available at the front desk and restaurant to ensure the risk of transmission is reduced.
  • Vacuum cleaning and a proper amount of chlorine are added to the pool regularly and maintained to be effective for its disinfectant qualities.
  • All kitchen staff is required to wash and sanitized their hands frequently, or before they're about to serve food and drinks. They are also required to wear face masks during their duty.
  • All tableware, dining tables, and chairs are cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • The restaurant can only accommodate a maximum of 50% of the seating capacity.

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