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Bravo Shop is a surf-skate outlet that offers an assortment of well-made lifestyle essentials and apparel. Inside the shop, we have the items of Siargao Green Artisans, a team of talented Siargaonons creating furniture, home decor, and also accessories to spice up your space with. Outside, we have Tiburon Siargao, serving Latin American arepas, rice bowls, and home-brewed kombucha. As part of our goal to create camaraderie and a sense of community on the island, we built a skate bowl, a facility free of use to everyone, may you be a pro, a grom, or even just a regular skateboarder. We invite you to cruise with us, to have fun and to feel the real Bravo experience.
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Bravo Shop

Bravo Shop is the lifestyle store of Bravo Beach Resort. We offer a variety of garments that put-together your island style, including boardshorts and craft shirts, perfect for a more comfortable island living.

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Skate Bowl

As we share the warmth and good vibe the local community has extended to us, the Bravo skate bowl must be the place!

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Siargao Green Artisans

A team of talented Siargaonons creating furniture, home decor, and other accessories is the newest addition to our shop. All of our accessories are handcrafted in Siargao and we re-interpret some of our favorite timeless pieces to be able to bring into your homes at an affordable price.

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