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Things To Do

Siargao, apart from being the best surfspot in the Philippines, is also a nice place to relax. A lot of people come just to enjoy their vacations as much they can.
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Yoga is an extremely complete exercise that will help realign your heart, body and soul,
which according to Laird Hamilton is the key to a great performance in action sports. It is the perfect complementary activity of surfing. Give it a try!

  • Location:Daily yoga sessions are done at Buddha Resort and Green House, but you can also join sessions in The Yoga Dojo at the Lotus Shores.
  • Duration: Yoga sessions usually last 1-2 hours.
  • Recommendations:There are different kinds of yoga sessions (strength, stretch, breathing, etc.) choose one that you prefer; any level is welcome in most of the classes. Check availability on Facebook pages: Siargao Classifieds or at Be Siargao Magazine.


Enjoy a full body massage in your room or even on the beach. We will call the local masseuses whom will pamper you with local virgin coconut oils. Detail your preferences on how you like your massages done so they can assure maximum satisfaction! Let us know in the reception & we'll book your relaxing time.

  • Recommendations: You can buy from us extra virgin coconut oil, good for your skin, your hair.


No waves? No problem! Get stoked by cruising with some of the skate pros at Bavo Skate Bowl in Generel Luna or in Siargao Skate Park in Salvacion. This sport has been favorable for islanders at all ages! Gear up and include skateboarding on your Siargao agenda. Snag a board and invite your friends to try this lifestyle-boasting activity. 

  • Location: Check the skate bowl at Bravo Beach Resort. Opening at 8AM until 8PM. You may also try to visit Siargao Skate Park in the humble village of Salvacion (25-minute drive by motorbike from General Luna) and look for Hans and Grace. Shakabrah Skate Park in Santa Fe is open daily for an entry fee of 100 pesos per person.
  • Duration:Both skate parks are for public use. You may rent boards from Bravo Shop at 400php per hour. Safety pads are for 150php per hour while helmets are free of use. 
  • Recommendations: Sign a waiver before dropping-in and ask for assistance! 

HORSEBACK RIDING (currently unavailable)


  • Location: The horses sleep at Chillout Cottages, but you can inquire in reception & we'll give them a call so they can meet you in Bravo and explain you the whole experience & prices.
  • Duration: Magic Rides rates are from 30 minutes to 4-hour rides.


Located in General Luna, Siargao Wakepark provides wakeboarding in the surfing capital of the Philippines. it is the newest boarsport on the vibrant island of Siargao. Next to surfing, island hopping, kitesurfing, and Stand-up paddling, it is one of the stand out activities which can be practiced on a hidden lake in between the palmtrees of Barangay Consuelo in General Luna.

Siargao Wakepark is open daily from 9AM until 7PM. For bookings, visit their website at or simply go to Bravo Front Desk for more details. 

Special Events

Siargao Island is not only a great surf spot, there is also lots of things to do like the local celebrations. Is awesome to see how the local people deal with few things to make a really great party.


The "Fiesta" is a cultural and religious event of great importance in the Philippines. Every village has its own fiesta. A mix of Christian rites and a non-religious exuberance take place in this particular event.Two days of food sharing between families, processions and parades carried out by the children of General Luna that show the nature of the Philippine gentle culture.

  • Location:The town of General Luna, mostly near the Town Hall. 
  • Details: The Fiesta of General Luna lasts two days. It's on the 21st and 22nd of September.
  • Recommendations:There try to be one more ofthem to see the real culture of Phillipines. Also get some 
  • for the local experience road food.


Siargao is the Game Fishing capital in the Philippines thanks to its proximity to the edge of the second deepest ocean trench in the World and the vast Pacific Ocean. Every year the small port of Pilar, in the east coast of Siargao, hosts the International Sports Fishing Tournament, with competitors from around the globe.

  • Location: The starting and finishing point of the tournament is the port of the town of Pilar, 15 km north from Bravo Beach Resort.
  • Duration: The tournament lasts 4 days, and it is held in the month of April.


Cloud 9 is a world-class wave famous for its right-hand barrels. Its quality and consistency has earned itself a place in the WSL qualifying series, along with other contests. Enjoy watching the pros do what they do best in the following competitions:

  • Women Surf Cup in May
  • Siargao National Surfing Cup in September
  • WSL Men's Qualifying Series September

The contests usually last for almost a week, depending on the swell conditions.

Recommendations: Please don't even dare to surf Cloud 9 during a competition heat. We know it's pretty obvious, but you wouIdn't be the first one.



Full moon parties are everywhere on the island. Excellent music, cold drinks and good friends under the moonlight are a perfect combination for a memorable party. Bravo won't always host them, but when we do, be sure you don't miss it!

  • Location:There are several bars that organize full moon parties; it will be easy for you to find out.

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