If you are a beginner and looking forward to trying out surfing in Siargao, then Cloud 9 is the best spot to be. Going out surfing for the first time? Don’t worry! We have got your back! Have a light meal and do some warmup exercises before heading over to the beach.

Wear sunscreen, tight clothes and hire an instructor if you are going in the water for the first time. Don’t forget the photogenic pics! Bend over and don’t forget to smile while rocking the board.

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If you fail to stand straight on the board, fall on your back or forward. You don’t want to hurt your legs in the shallow waters. Enjoy the surf life and drink plenty of water after the workout. Trust us! A surfboard pic in Cloud 9 will make your friend’s jaws drop once you show them the surfboarding experience. Perfect place for a surfing competition in Siargao!

Note - Make sure that the instructor you are hiring is properly licensed. You don’t want to get hurt during your first surfboarding endeavour. The best hotels in Siargio will ensure that you don’t fall into these scams so book your Siargao hotels carefully.


Imagine exploring the island on a motorcycle with dusty roads and towering coconut trees on your honeymoon in Siargao? Well, you can do exactly that by renting a motorcycle at 500 PHP per day (10 USD). Contact your local Siargao villa’s guide on where to hire a bike and get along with your loved ones on a personal trip before island hopping!

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Get to Bucas Grande Island and take a tour around the famous Sohoton Cove National Park. The best Siargao resorts have travel desks which will guide you properly on how to plan an overnight trip to the park. The speechless views and the diversity around the island are extraordinary. With lushness of the forests, beautiful pool caves and karst mountains, a visit to Sohoton Cove is nothing short of extraordinary



The naked island gets its name from not having any shades. Hopping on to Luna Island from Siargao is probably one of the most popular tourist activities around Siargao Philippines resorts and Siargao villas. The island is the perfect place to get a good view of the sea as there are no distractions such as trees or mountain. Wherever you look at, you will find only white fine sand. And that makes this place a rampant spot to get a perfect tan body! This island is also known as Virgin Island.
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Note - Carry UV Protection from your Siargao villas resort. A tour around the island is like a 100m long sand trip so, it is not wise to stay more than an hour without any sun protection. The water is totally clear, so don’t forget to carry a good camera for all the Instagram pics!


As a part of the island-hopping adventures, don’t miss-out Guyam Islands! Along with its cream coloured rock formations and sands, the crystal clear water makes Guyam Island a picture-perfect beachscape! Relax and rejoice from the heat by taking a dive into the shallow low tidewater. If you plan on surfing, you can bring your own surfboard or pay a rental fee for one. If you have enough time, you can take a bike to swim at the tidal pools of Magpupungko Rock Pool which is known for its unique landscape and the beautiful pool.


If you are looking for an incredible feast in Siargao, then we suggest that you go to Daku Island for one! Try out an awesome seafood lunch while island hopping and fall in love with the local Filipino cuisines! The prices for the fresh fish and other seafood are quite affordable which makes it a value-for-money foodies delight in this pristine secluded beach. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful spots to swim and snorkel.
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Note - Carry your swimsuit, volleyball or a snorkelling gear if you want to try out some activities on the island. You can hire a boat or join tours to get to this island. Talk to the locals or with the popular Siargao resort’s guides about it.

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