Surfing in Siargao

Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, is known for its thrilling Siargao surf spots. The island is like a sacred pilgrimage to surfers from across the world. It holds some of the best surfing sites, which make surfing in Siargao all the more fun and exciting. From the ever-popular Cloud 9 to Stimpy’s, this quintessential island is filled with some of the best surfing spots in the world.
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Jacking Horse

Jacking Horse is the perfect surfing spot for beginners. It’s name is derived from the constant jacking of its waves at the peak and hitting the reef. Due to its location next to Cloud 9, the spot gets extremely crowded with amateurs and local surfers. Jacking Horse produces impeccable high tides, making it ideal for surfing. It is accessible throughout the year except for the months of June to August, due to smaller waves.

Cloud 9

When you think of surfing in Siargao, Cloud 9 automatically pops up as the first surf spot idea. It is the most happening surfing destination, which has enticed advanced-level surfers for years. The best time to surf at Cloud 9 is anywhere between September and October. The wild waves mostly blow out during the winters, which makes it off-season and a great opportunity for beginners to polish their surfing skills.


Another popular surfing spot for advanced surfers is Quiksilver. It is the ideal spot for those who do not shy away from the agile, barrelling right-hander and love to
compete with other wave riders. Its close proximity to Cloud 9 makes it a highly visited surf spot amongst serious and local surfers. The most appropriate time to surf in Quiksilver is during September and November. The winters usually fizzle out the rawness of the waves, making it unsurfable.

Tuason’s Point

Tuason’s Point is a surfing spot in Siargao suitable for advanced surfers. It is characterised by its slightly heavier left hand tubing wave as compared to Cloud 9. Although originally meant for advanced surfers, there are certain spots that make Tuason’s Point suitable for intermediate riders. Summers and the month of September are considered as the best times to surf at this spot.The waves appear consistent with rideable swell and off-shore winds.


Stimpy’s is another renowned surfing spot in Siargao for intermediate and advanced surfers. The spot is solely accessible by boat. It produces low-tide barrels with a swell size ranging from 2ft to 10ft. Except for summers (June - August), Stimpy’s is accessible and has rideable waves throughout the year. It is an unparalleled left-hander that produces world-class barrels at low tide.
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Best Time to Surf in Siargao

Although surfing is a year-round activity, the best time to surf in Siargao has to be between July and December. It is when the waves are at their prime, which makes it surfable. Early mornings and late evenings are characterised by light off-shore winds and better swell that help with surfing.

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