Chinese New Year Celebrations In The Philippines

The Chinese New Year is a grand affair in the Philippines. Owing to the 5% of the indigenous Chinese population there, the Chinese New Year is celebrated every year with great pomp and show. Marking the start of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the exact date fluctuates every year. Comprising various other festivals such as the Lantern Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival, the celebrations for the Chinese New Year stretches for weeks on end. Being the harbinger of spring in China, this event is also called The Spring Festival. 
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Chinese New Year is celebrated by Chinese people group dissipated everywhere throughout the world and has a history spanning over a large period of time. Legend has it that Emperor Huang Ti presented the occasion in 2637 B.C., yet nobody knows without a doubt when it started. What is known is that Chinese New Year is an inseparable part of the Chinese culture.
Images of Chinese New Year incorporate plum blooms, which represent fearlessness and trust, and the water narcissus, which is believed to be a "blossom of favorable luck." "Good Luck," written in Chinese characters on red, precious stone molded paper, and "fortunate oranges" are additionally regularly observed around the house this season. Obviously, the most striking images of Chinese New Year, notwithstanding, are the 12 creatures of the Chinese zodiac. Anybody conceived during the time of a specific creature is accepted to be brought into the world with certain character characteristics of that creature. This year, that is 2020, being the year of the Metallic Rat, is considered to be a lucky year. 
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During the new year, the Chinese community observes various customs and rituals. A common tradition is gifting children money wrapped in red envelopes. The colour red is believed to be lucky and bring prosperity. It is a symbol of wealth, following which, all the doors and windows are painted in red, and the streets are decorated with red lanterns and paper puppets. Besides, they also believe in paying off all debts. 

As a part of the celebrations, the community also arranges lion dances, dragon dances, parades, lantern festivals at local temples and many more. Tourists from all over the world take part in the celebrations as well. In the Philippines, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches along with the new year celebrations. People can also travel to Saigao and enjoy various beach activities and water sports.

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